Petition: Tell Ontario Party Leaders to Support Queer (LGBTQ) Students

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dragonswords said: Hey I would like to thank you for making this blog.

No problem :) Glad to be of assistance.


yay we won an award :)


yay we won an award :)

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Rick Mercer’s Rant on Homophobia¬†

"300 kids is 300 too many."

cozy-sweaters-and-shiny-things said: Yeah, i think i will mention that to my principal when i do my proposal. I'm from holy name of mary by the way (the one in brampton because there are two in the same area) Last year our school participated in the purple day to support LGBT students and raise awareness about the suicides that happened, so since my principal was open enough to let us do that, maybe we can do this too. We are doing a lot of research before we present it though, so I hope the proposal goes well! :)

Good luck in your endeavours! Let’s us know if we can help in any way!¬†

This Is The Future.: Some girls at my school were making fun of me for wearing a button that supported gay-straight alliances


So i was walking in the halls and and their were a group of girls and they were walking behind me and absolutely killing themselves laughing. I just kinda got the feeling that they were laughing at me so i tried to listen closer. I heard them talking about my button on my back-pack which said…

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cozy-sweaters-and-shiny-things said: I wanted to share a story but I couldn't fit it all into the ask box but here is the end of the link. /post/10221069890 just add my url to the front to read it. Its about why my school NEEDS a GSA and people were making fun of me for wearing a button that supported gsa's. That's exactly why my school needs a gsa club. We are still working on our proposal and i really hope all goes well. :)

You should use this as evidence of homophobia in your school when you write your proposal. :)

What school are you from?

Hey Everyone! National Coming Out Day happens in under a month. If you or someone you know is closeted, October 11-12 is the day that you will be loved and accepted, because you’re showing your true colours. We support all queer/trans people. Feel free to message us if you need advice on coming out to your family and/or friends.